Corporate Communication goes mobile

Attini Comms is an end to end news solution for SharePoint and Office 365. From a simplified publishing experience, targeting of articles based on profile, and a reading experience on any mobile device.

How it works

Easy publishing and targeting of news items

Create news channels and news feeds. Create, page layouts with multiple feeds.

Target news to groups, location, sectors, interests or skills.

Attini Comms
Attini Comms

Add news to SharePoint pages

Add news feeds and functionality to homepage, department pages, team pages, newsrooms, etc. Only using a couple of clicks

Read news on mobile app

Personalised news feeds delivered to phones or tablets, with a Flip-Board like experience.

Simple, secure sign in using your company credentials

Native apps for iPad, iPhone, Windows Phone, Windows 8 and Android

Attini Comms
Attini Comms

Share to social networks

Likes and comments can also be shared to Enterprise Social Networks like Yammer and Newsfeed.

Tune your preferences*

Users can view what the relevance of the news items are for them. One click removal of tags from preferences

Attini Comms
Attini Comms

Know what's trending in your organization

Analytics of news, trending topics, and sentiment analysis.

Get rid of all internal newsletters*

Automated HTML emails, sent out with corporate and personally relevant news items of that week.

Publish once, and distribution to multiple channels, reducing costs and effort.

Attini Comms

* In development. Expected in Q2 2014


Your Office 365 turned into an Intranet and a mobile news app in a day

Create news sources and feeds in an hour

Create news webparts in 10 minutes.

Provision mobile apps in 3 hours

Ask us about our Rapid Circle Intranet that completes your branded intranet in an extra day

Now people take the time to read news because it can be read anywhere

No organisation would like to ask their employees to work outside office hours. But what if employees love to use their phone and tablet during leisure time?

Save money on Magazines and internal Email Newsletters. These can go

Time and money spent on gathering news, creating newsletters, managing lists and distributing them, are a huge hidden cost in large organisaions. With Attini Comms, people create news, target the news items and they will be sent to the target group automatically

Do your people have doubts about SharePoint? Attini Comms convinces them easily

In case you have SharePoint critics in your organisation, show them Attini Comms and they will change their minds

Makes your news go viral

Corporate news items are by nature not the best read content. Get much more attention value from your news items because:

Best and most popular items bubble up to the top

Attention value increases if an employee knows a list of items are personally targeted

Comments and likes appear as an update in Yammer (if chosen)

When someone you follow on Yammer likes or comments an item, attention value increases dramatically

Interesting items will be shared and re-shared

you thought it is only about news?

Wait, it's also for official messages,daily notifications,

management posts,corporate video, etc.